It is clear that

You already appreciate how valuable housing is, but you want your involvement to achieve much greater results.  You, like most everyone involved in the housing market, find it difficult to differentiate what you are doing from what everyone else around you is doing.

You want more than:

  • Frustration because housing should be more than a commodity product,
  • Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a better outcome,
  • Knowing that you can make a difference, but confined to “normal”,
  • Accepting good results when you expect that much more is possible,
  • Staying in the crowd for it denies you the outcomes that you desire, and
  • Missing your potential for leadership.

It is time to break out and for you to make the world better.

I get it

I understand how frustrated you feel, because I have lived it.  In 2000 I became involved in housing in pursuit of making a difference in the world.  I wanted great financial results AND I wanted to make a difference for the people I was permitted to serve in the world.  I spent over a year studying the apartment business throughout the Southeast and discovered that virtually everyone was delivering the same product; four walls, a ceiling and a floor.  Just like you I would not accept insignificance.  I decided to transform the way that housing was delivered.  What I discovered was that by adopting my business model I did outperform the market in every location that we entered and, most valuably, I enhanced the quality of life of the people that worked with me and for the people we served.  I have now enabled people that wish to adopt this ethic, The Primer Ethic™, to do the same.  You can own your outcomes by embracing a new way to undertake them.


I have over 20 years of experience in transforming how housing is delivered.  That has enabled me to develop a detailed, fully integrated process for achieving optimal results in housing.  Together we will prove that you can be involved in the housing market, enjoy better performance than all of your competitors, deliver a product that enhances the quality of life for your customers, AND enable you to achieve better economic outcomes.  I will help you to own your outcomes by owning the way that you undertake them through implementing The Primer Ethic™.  This transformation begins quickly after we embark together with the only constraint being consistency.


We will connect for a few hours to explore what you have achieved and what you aspire to achieve.


During this two-day retreat involving you and your key people we will celebrate the strengths and reveal the weaker aspects of your endeavor.


This one-year pursuit will transform your endeavor. To unlock the potential of the values that you know you have desired.

By having The Primer Ethic™ become your standard in housing, the world will experience

  • Empathy
  • Higher satisfaction
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Meaningful communities that fuel relationships

And you will enjoy:


  • More stability with less turnover
  • Greater employee retention
  • Higher revenues and, most satisfying,
  • Pride while also enjoying increased profitability.

This has been proven to work

7 Year Comparison
2006 - 2013
* AxioMetrics Data

The Primer Ethic™

0 %
0 %
Total Income
0 %
Relative Property Value Growth
< 0 %
Annual Turnover
< 0 %
Employee Turnover

Between 18.2% and 24.4% Premium on Average Rent Growth

Effectively Full Occupancy


< 0 %
< 0 %
Total Income
< 0 %
Relative Property Value Growth
> 0 %
Annual Turnover
> 0 %
Employee Turnover

Average Rent

Effectively Full Occupancy

What a client is saying

Time to take action

By working with developers, planners, investors and other experts in the housing industry, we offer customized services to achieve these kinds of outcomes by implementing The Primer Ethic™.  You will see your world transformed and all the people you serve will thank you.

What to look forward to

During our virtual cup of coffee I will answer whatever questions that you should naturally have about how we can help you, such as:

Why is what The Primer Ethic™ systems do more effective than what you are already doing in your housing business?


How will the training that you and your Team receive at all levels of your housing operations provide the results that you desire?


Why the The Primer Ethic™ metrics have produced consistently greater outcomes?

I want you to know that I sincerely believe that there is no higher calling than being called into helping others experience as high a quality of life as possible through fulfilling their fundamental need for housing.  We share that belief, and I am eager to work with you to make this happen.  There is nothing better than embracing this Win-Win. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Let's Meet

Howard Primer is the founder of The Primer Group and The Primer Ethic™, a nationally recognized attorney, successful entrepreneur and keynote speaker.

As a change agent, Howard has challenged and inspired people, companies and government to make purposeful change on behalf of the world. 

As a part of that mission, Howard has worked with thousands of people to help them become clear, be validated and make a significant impact for those around them. He is truly committed to transforming the housing industry in a meaningful way.