Housing is the Single Greatest Contributor to the Social Unrest that is Gripping the Entire World

Yes, you read that correctly. I firmly believe that housing is the single greatest contributor to the social unrest that is gripping the entire world we currently live in.

I enthusiastically confess that housing is a subject that is a passion of mine.  Over the coming weeks, I will explain and build on that premise. I believe that I can support this statement,  and I hope you will subscribe to my content to permit me to support my conclusion that the way that we pursue providing housing has been a failure.  It’s failure is what has been a primary contributor to the social unrest that we are experiencing throughout the world.

I sincerely believe that there is a way to solve this problem.  First I intend to explain why I believe that to be the case.  I will undertake to do that over the next several weeks.  Therefore, I encourage you to stay with me as we unpack this important subject.

Let me give you a little of my background, and what justifies me to feel that I have the ability to discuss this with you in this manner.  It is my conviction that each and every one of us has something in common; we are people who consume housing.  Indeed, as I will explain, housing is one of our most basic needs that must be fulfilled well if we are to become all that we have the potential of being.

In addition, I believe that many of you reading this are, like me, people that have had an active part in delivering housing to others.  I hope that you are the people that pay the closest attention to what I will be discussing and disclosing.  

You have participated in making the delivery of housing a process and product that should be something that we can take substantial pride in, but I am afraid that I have been a part of an industry, since the beginning of this century, that is not dedicated to the delivery of housing for the purposes of the consumer of the housing.  Instead, we are delivering housing for a purpose that is independent of the consumer.

I believe that our focus on purposes other than the people that consume our housing is our single greatest mistake.  That is the reason I believe that our failure to focus on the needs of the consumer of our housing is the single most powerful contributor to the social unrest that has enveloped us.   

Fulfilling housing, next to food, and the delivery of food is the most important thing that we all require in order to find fulfillment in life.  Housing must be more than just a physical structure.  It must be consciously organized around the intention of enabling the consumer of the housing to experience a fulfilling existence.  An existence that is based on the availability of meaningful relationships.  An existence that is empowered by a supportive community.  

Those of us involved in providing housing have not been paying attention to that as well as we should, and we have caused people to feel abused, misused, or ignored. It does not need to be that way.  I believe that if we work together and we discuss these things in a genuine, rational way we can collectively find a solution where we can in fact make the world a better place. 

I will tell you without reservation that from the very beginning of my involvement in housing that my involvement was driven by a passion that I referred to as my big hairy audacious goal.  My BHAG is that I want to work to make the world a better place by attracting people to a community and embracing them one relationship at a time.  MY BHAG is about people; housing is about people.  

We must work on housing from the perspective of the people we serve, as opposed to the physical things we create.  So join with me over the next few months, if not the next few years, as we collectively travel down this path to change the world one community at a time through one relationship at a time.

Thank you for spending time reading this today.  I look forward to the opportunity to connect with you in this way in the weeks ahead.  I look forward to your feedback, so do not hesitate to follow me on the various social media that I am linked to.

If you want to find out how you can be involved in solving this problem, do not hesitate to click on Find Out How on my website, HowardPrimer.com.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I believe that as a consumer of housing, a deliverer of housing, and a passionate believer in housing we can do a better job.  Please join me, let’s make the world a better place.