Other- Provider of Housing Solutions

Howard is eager to work with you in a variety of different ways to improve your efforts to achieve success by enhancing the quality of life of the people that you are serving through your interest in housing AND by enhancing the economic outcomes that you enjoy.  It is the power of pursuing both outcomes that will elevate your accomplishments.


In this limited capacity Howard will get on a Zoom call with you for a few hours and explore (1) what you believe is the purpose of your housing interest, (2) what you are experiencing as your outcomes, (3) what you believe motivates your housing interests, (4) who you desire to serve and who you are serving, if that is different, and (5) why you are not satisfied with your efforts.  Howard will share some observations and suggestions for improvement to consider.



This includes the Exploration activity.  In this more extensive capacity Howard will get together in your location with you and the leaders of your team for three days of in depth discussion intended to (1) determine what you believe is the roadblock(s) that is undermining the potential of your housing efforts, (2) why you have encountered barriers that are limiting your potential, and what are those barriers, (3) what is out of alignment between your housing expectations and your housing outcomes, and (4) what are the consistent limitations that you encounter as you proceed.  Howard will probably identify other unobserved obstacles that you may be overlooking in your pursuit of achieving your optimal results.  He will share some detailed observations and suggestions for improvement to consider.



This includes both the Exploration and the Identification activities.  Indeed, it is likely to have its genesis in the Identification efforts you undertook.  In this comprehensive activity Howard will assist you and your entire housing endeavor to learn about and embrace the thorough systems required to reveal the proven benefits of The Primer Ethic™.  This Transformation is designed to be accomplished during 1 full year and will include a limited license to the intellectual property that enables the Transformation.  It will include: (1) training of all personnel, (2) proven operating procedures and manuals, (3) hiring protocols to optimize the capacity of the team involved in your efforts to be compatible with the enhanced ethic that governs the effort’s actions, (4) expression of the effort’s Core Values to guide the affairs and behaviors of all involved, (5) definition of the effort’s Hierarchy of Decision Making to enable better decision making at every level in a manner consistent with the effort’s ethics, (6) job descriptions for every position that aligns with the undertaking’s purpose, and (7) all other support required to achieve the Transformation.  Howard will be available as required to support the successful Transformation and help you to enjoy the benefit of enhanced outcomes because you have caused the people that you serve to enjoy a better quality of life.  In turn, this will enable your effort to superior outcomes on every significant level.